Howard Bothner: Drums
David Carlson: Rhythm guitar
Steve Pearson: Bass guitar
Gary Peitzmeier: Lead guitar
Date formed: ?
Date disbanded: ?
This Boone Iowa group was started by Dave and Gary. Gary’s dad was the manager of the local JC Penney store and Gary had purchased an electric guitar through the store. Dave had a red, hollow body Harmony that his folks had given him for Christmas. They had purchased it through the Montgomery Ward catalog along with a little Checkmate amp. Gary knew Steve and approached him about being in a group. The only piece missing was a drummer.
   As to where the name came from, all is forgotten. It is thought that the “LTD” tag was used due to the precedent of other area bands using that or similar things in their band name.
Though they didn't have a drummer that did not prevent them from getting together to practice. They rehearsed in Gary’s basement most of the time and occasionally on Dave’s back porch.
   They started out learning tunes that many bands starting out worked up. “Gloria”/the Shadows of Knight (Them), “Wild Thing”/the Troggs and “Louie, Louie”/the Kingsmen were amongst the songs they learned.
At some point one of the guys had heard about Howard and the group went over to his house to see if he would be interested in being in a band. It seemed that Howard had already gotten something together with another person and was looking for a bass player. A song or two was worked on, but not much more came of the meeting.
   This brought the band to an uneventful end. Steve joined up briefly with Howard and the 'other' band, but Dave and Gary let the idea of a band drop from view for the time being. Dave went on to other groups and is currently living in Arizona. Howard went on to other area bands also. He is currently living in Colorado. Steve worked as a page for the Iowa Senate during his last two years of high school. He is currently a CPA and lives with his family in Hampton, Iowa. Not much is known about Gary's current whereabouts as of this writing.