While most of the work of getting around in Garage is straightforward and intuitive, I thought I’d offer some insight to moving about in case it wasn’t as obvious as I thought it was. (Yeah, I’m always thinking–sometimes too much!)
  Links are apparent and work as you would expect them to–just click and you’re there hopefully. They are blue for no other reason than that’s what I like. The more involved navigation is in the band pages.
  You have several options to moving around to view different band information. The menu on the “Bands” opening page will take you to each band. It won’t take you to any of the variations for that band as it evolved through different members–another one of those design choices. For groups that have more than one lineup you will need to click the “next band” pick at the bottom of the current page. And just how are you supposed to know that? That’s a little like asking what’s for supper; sometimes you don’t know til you sit down at the table. Most of the time I have included in the text on a band the fact that it did indeed continue on with new or different members. Actually if you wanted to page through using just the “back” and “next band” picks you could do so. These picks take you through alphabetically that way you won’t miss anything. There is one caveat though. There are a few groups that I was able to gather more information on than some of the others. Instead of scrolling down for what would be several pages, I made more than one page for that particular group. In cases where this applies I have made it clear with a ‘next page’ link at the bottom of the text.
  I’ve made it possible to track an individual band member through their various involvements chronologically. When a members name appears as a link in the band member area under the band name, by clicking you will be taken to the next band in which this person was a member. Members without this link either dropped out of the band scene, passed away or, if they are still playing, the connections are beyond the scope of Garage.
  There are some pictures that are clickable for a bigger, better look. I’ve only done some of them, but if I get enough response to do others I will.
  Some notes on the GarageStuff Store. The store–also called Thoughts Words & More - is at Besides Garage related items there are other things that may be of interest. Thank you for considering buying something there. It definitely helps me out.
  Lastly, like most other folks I do have links to places I think are interesting. I have decided to place them on the way out as you “leave”. It seemed good to offer links this way as you leave Garage. That page also has a link that, when clicked, takes you to the 'Greater Good' site where you can contribute to help feed others for free. I don't know how it works, but I think it's cool. Hope that helps you out. If it doesn’t or you have other questions drop me a note at Garage.