The posters contained here are from the period covered by Garage. Several of the posters are the ones used by local groups, but I've included other groups outside of Boone Co. so you can get a feel for the different ways bands chose to advertise themselves. The images can be clicked for a larger version. Information on the posters is to my best recollection meaning that errors are likely. If you were in a band included in Garage and would like to include a poster that's not already here contact me.
Library poster circa 1969 Camel Poster circa 1972 Burntshoe Poster circa 1970 Road poster early 1969 Willow circa mid 70s
Road: circa early 1969
   The poster pictured here was an early version Road used until a better design was found. Instead of being printed on a light paper as most posters were, this poster was printed on white faced chipboard.
Burntshoe: circa 1971
   The poster shown here was used throughout the bands existence. It was designed by Brian Wolf, a local “renaissance man”. The van the group used had the band name logo painted on it. Burntshoe‘s business card was also done with this design.
Willow: circa mid 70s
   This is one of the posters used by Willow during it’s run. As always the art was done by Brian Wolf who was in the band at one point.
Camel: circa Oct. 1972
   This poster was used by the band early on. Brent Espe, drummer for the group, worked at the printing place on the ISU campus and did up the posters for the band on scrap paper that was available to him there. The photos were taken at the bands original practice space in west Boone. Ron Carlson did the graphics for the poster.
The Library: circa 1969
   The Library was from Mason City Iowa. They were regarded as one of the best horn bands in Iowa at the time. This poster is from a Mitch Ryder show that took place at the Downtown Ballroom–now the Livery–in Boone. The Library was one of two opening acts hence the 4 hour show. This poster was taped to the Mitch Ryder poster below which had the rest of the dates & info.
The Rumbles circa 1967
West Minist'r poster circa 1968
Road poster circa 1969
The Rumbles: 1967
   One of the finest bands to play in this area, the Rumbles had a 45 out on Mercury Records entitled ‘Jezebel’ that did well regionally. The band was from SW Iowa and managed by Eddie Haddad out of Omaha. The Rumbles started out in 1963 and the band was still going strong in the early '00's with the original drummer, Steve Hough, still in the group. They were 2001 inductees into the IRRHOF. To check out their bio at IRRMA click here .
The Revolvers poster circa 1967
West Minist'r: circa 1971
   This group was from the Otho-Ft. Dodge area and quite popular here in central Ia. As you can see from the poster the band had a heavy Beatle influence. The photo is a take on the one used for the Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields 45 picture sleeve. The band are 2002 inductees into the Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Two of the members–Frank Wiewel and Kirk Kaufman–were in Hawks which released two albums on Columbia Records in the early 80s and were inducted into the IRRHOF in 2007.
Mitch Ryder poster circa 1969
Road: circa early 1969
   Road used this poster for the rest of its existence. Denny Allen, bass player for the band, came up with a rough sketch for the design. He took the sketch to Marlin Balzer who did much of the sign painting in Ogden so he could draw up a finished version. The poster you see here is the result of Mr. Balzer’s talented work. The poster was printied on 110 lb paper by the Ogden Reporter–Ogden’s local newspaper–for the group.
The Revolvers: circa 1967
   This poster was a one off deal. Ron Carlson, who was becoming interested in the poster art coming out of the San Francisco area, was asked to do some posters for the job played here. He figured he could draw out several, but was only able to do four–this one being the first–as they were very time consuming to draw. This is the only one out of the four that is known to have survived being retrieved from the store window it was displayed in. The others were much less elaborate in nature due to the fact that they were drawn the week of the dance itself. At the bottom of the poster you’ll notice Ron’s name along with the initials W.C.A.A. This stood for West Coast Artists Assoc.–a purely fictitious organization from his mind meant to convey an air of legitimacy to the art. About what one might expect from a freshman in high school.
This is the companion poster to which the Library poster above was affixed.
Camel poster circa 1973
Tymes poster circa 1968
Camel: circa early 1973
   This poster is what Camel used for the majority of it's existence. The band had done a photo session to come up with a photo to be sent out in promo packages. It was also used for this poster. In the cropped version here one cannot see the sign for Arlo's Barber Shop behind the band. Arlo's shop was located a bit east of where the group practiced on 7th St. in Boone. This poster advertised the dance Camel played in Guttenburg Iowa in 1974. The lettering for the poster was done by Ron Carlson. The poster was printed by the Ogden Reporter newspaper.
Pete Klint Quintet poster circa 1968
The Notorious Noblemen poster circa 1968
The Tymes circa 1968
The Tymes were an immensely popular group in the Boone Co. area. It is not certain if this is a poster or handbill as there is little room for the usual performance information. The artist is unknown also, but did a great job with the sketches of the band members and overall design. There is contact information for JH Productions who managed the group for a time. Note: this is not a scan of the actual item, but rather a photo so the colors are yellowed and not as originally intended.
The Notorious Noblemen: circa 1968
   This band was another of those great bands that played around central Iowa and went through many changes in membership. The poster was printed by Buena Vista Stationary & Printing. Doug Smith was the contact person for bookings–noted at the bottom of the poster. The artist who drew the poster was Tom Wilbur. The group was inducted into the Iowa Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. To learn more about the Noblemen their web site is here.
The Pete Klint Quintet: circa 1968
   This group was one of the bigger bands in Iowa. The PKQ had a single out on Mercury Records entitled ‘Walkin’ Proud’ which did well regionally and got a spot on American Bandstand’s Rate A Record segment. They were from the Mason City area in northern Iowa. Tom Jolas, now an attorney in Mason City, handled the groups bookings. The band was inducted into the IRRHOF in 1999. An info page at the IRRHOF is here. Click on the Inductees link. This appearance was put together by Kirby Hamman who happened to play keyboards in a couple of local bands.
Crossroads poster early 80s
The Word poster circa 1968
Crossroads: circa early 80s
   Another poster by Brian Wolf. Steve Greenfield, a former bandmate, asked Brian to do this poster for the band. The original poster was simple line art–this example was hand colored by Ron Carlson.
The Word: circa 1968
   The Word was from the Omaha area (or at least their management was). They had released a 45 with their cover of the Beatles tune, “Birthday”. Somewhat typical of the ‘psychedelic’ art of the time, this poster was very deep as far as things to be found in the art. References to the Beatles (goo-goo-ga-joob), MAD magazine and H.P. Lovecraft along with a spaced out story on the left hand side are among the things included. The Word was booked by CBC Enterprises in Omaha. The promo photo (below) of the 6 piece band was also on the poster. The artist of the poster art is not credited.
Kris Kros: circa mid 70s
This was another long lived group that changed their line up from time to time. Based out of the Gilbert/Ames area, Kris Kros played a wide variety of musical styles. This was a part of a promo package for the group.
Willow Handbill circa 1975
This is a handbill that Willow used to advertise upcoming appearances. Brian Wolf, who was in the group at this time did the graphics. It is not known who took the photo of the band.
Dahcotah poster circa mid 70s
Dahcotah: circa mid 70s
   I don't remember much about this group except for the fact that Frank Wiewel, bass player for West Minist'r, was in the group. He's pictured here with his plexi bodied bass. The band are 2016 inductees into the IRRHOF. Always liked this poster.