Bob Graybill: Lead guitar, vocals
Dave Merril:
Mike Peterson:
Don Sternquist: Bass, vocals
Date formed: 1969
Date disbanded: 1970
Black Pasture formed sometime in mid 1969. Bob Graybill, owner of Sounds Inc. in Boone, put the band together. Dave and Mike were both students at DMACC–Des Moines Area Community College–in Boone who met Bob through the store most likely. Don had been active in bands in the area, most recently Evolution. Don had also purchased a bass and amp from Sounds. Since the group he had been in, Evolution, had been in limbo for awhile due to one of the members being in the Army, Don was asked to join. The origin of the name is not known precisely, but it could have had as it’s inspiration the rich black soil that exists in Boone County.
Bob played a sunburst Mosrite with two pickups although his amp is not known. Don had a blue Mosrite bass which he played through a Fender Bassman amp. Dave and Mike’s gear is not known.
   The group practiced at Sounds after hours at least once a week. They worked up the current hits of the day usually learning 4 to 6 songs a week. They played for some teen clubs, the Gold A-Go-Go in Des Moines and the college bars in Ames.
   The bands demise was due to Bob Graybill's death in a plane crash. Bob was a member of the Civil Air Patrol. While flying through the Des Moines River valley, the plane he was in struck a high tension wire that spans the river and the plane crashed killing both Bob and Jim Belluci, his copilot.
   Dave Merril continued playing in other groups, but it is not known if any of the others played in any other bands after this time.