The Chances R
Date formed: early Spring 1966
Date disbanded: late Spring 1966
Denny Allen: Bass, vocals
Ron Carlson: Rhythm guitar, vocals
Greg Rinehart: Drums
The Chances R was a very short-lived band with a very unofficial name. This alliance was put together by Denny and once again included Ron with him in a band situation. Greg was a newcomer to the Ogden, IA school district having recently moved into the area from Chicago.
   Denny was the bass player for the group. He was using a Fender Precision bass that was finished in sunburst along with a Kalamazoo Bass 30 amp.
   Ron was going to play guitar in the band. Since he did not have a guitar of his own he used Denny’s Epiphone Melody Maker which was finished in sunburst with a single pickup. He played through a small Kalamazoo guitar amp of Denny's.
   Greg played drums for the group. He had a blue sparkle kit consisting of kick, snare, rack tom, hi–hat and a shell mount ride cymbal.
The band practiced in a vacant storefront on Ogdens main street which at the time was also the route US Highway 30 took through this part of Iowa. A former restaurant, it was situated between a cafe and a dentist's office. Since their handful of practices were mostly after school, the boys shook up both businesses quite regularly. Denny’s mom fronted the money for rent on the place—$15 a month—and was present at all the practices.
   The songs they worked on were “Dirty Water”/Standells and “Taxman”/Beatles. Greg showed Denny and Ron the riff to “Dirty Water” which is how they came to do that song since neither Denny or Ron were familiar with it at that time.
About the name...
   Every band needed a manager or so these freshman boys reasoned. It was decided that they should acquire one. This was at the urging of Greg's older sister, Adell. Since she was a senior in high school, she got the job. She was responsible for the name. Denny and Ron figured that the “R” must surely stand for Greg and Adell's last name, so they would have none of that, thank you! Dissolving the band seemed easier than telling Greg they didn’t want his sister for a manager and that’s what happened.
   After the breakup Greg was not involved with any other band in the area. He currently farms north of Ogden where his family had originally moved to when they first came to Iowa. He participates in farmer’s markets and is involved with the Iowa Farm Bureau. Denny went on to play in many other bands in the area along with some in Colorado and Texas. He is currently living in Texas. Ron also went on to play in several other bands in the area. He currently lives in Boone.
   In the early 80s Denny and Ron recorded several songs that were intended to be released as an EP. Those songs are available here.
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