Date formed: Spring 1974
Date disbanded: Fall 1974
Mark Boehm: Guitar, vocals
Bob Groves: Drums, vocals
John Reynolds: Bass, vocals
Tom Shadonix: Guitar, violin, vocals
Fred was formed in the wake of the dissolution of Spazz & the Electric Circus specifically for the one gig the band played. Loosely based in Ogden, Fred was preceded by a version of Spazz that had a bunch of different players thrown together for the Fun Days gig in 1972. Listed in the Ogden Reporter as Mark Boehm’s Electric Circus, that gig was that bands only one much like Fred’s situation here. The bands members may not be quite accurate since clear information was not available. The members listed were in the band and Mark Ohlson may have been in the group too.
   The gear used by the different members is not known. The band practiced in the old Thompson Drug store building that used to be in West Boone. Members of the Kilowatt Pioneers were renting the building at this time with some of the guys living in the upstairs portion. Both bands used the downstairs for rehearsal.
Fred was doing a mix of songs–some from the Spazz era and some newer and more difficult tunes. Material by Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Steppenwolf were amongst the songs performed.
   Fred was together for about 4 or 5 months all told for the specific purpose of playing for the Fun Days gig. Other groups here in Garage existed under similar circumstances so it isn't uncommon for a band to be together for such a short length of time. The Fun Days job paid good money and it was an an ongoing tradition to have a dance on two of the three nights that the celebration spanned. Those responsible for lining up bands usually called on local musicians to fill the bill. Occasionally they would bring in bands that featured players that originally lived in Ogden, but had moved away to go to school or due to job demands. It was always a good event to play for and the crowds were usually very appreciative.
   The band more or less ended when Mark Boehm left shortly after this job, although some mixture of these musicians did reform as Zorcon (which no one can remember although it was listed in the Ogden Reporter archive) for the 1976 Fun Days dance.
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