Mike Burkheimer: Drums
David Sternquist: Guitar, vocals
Don Sternquist: Bass, vocals
Date formed: late 1969
Date disbanded: early 1972
Styx was what was left of Evolution, the band these musicians had been in beforehand. At the departure of some of the former bandmates David, Don and Mark decided to carry on as a three piece.
   The name was arrived at by looking through the dictionary. All the members thought the name was interesting–it had a unique spelling–so it was adopted. This was before the popular band by the same name made it’s appearance.
As far as gear goes David was playing a Les Paul Deluxe gold top through a Fender Twin Reverb amp. He had purchased the amp new at B Sharp Music in Minneapolis in 1968 for around $350-$375. The amp was a silver faced version manufactured after CBS bought Fender. Don was playing a Mosrite bass that was finished in blue metallic with two pickups. It is not known what he had for an amp at this time. Mike’s drum set is not remembered accurately either, but he probably had a standard set for the day consisting of kick, snare, one or two rack toms and floor tom along with the usual compliment of cymbals and hi-hat. The band had a Bogen PA amp along with a couple of homemade folded horn cabinets which David and Don put together.
The band got together at least two times a week for rehearsal at Don’s house practicing in the living room during colder weather and in the garage during nicer weather. Many of the songs the group already knew remained in their set list. To these they added tunes by Ten Years After, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Grand Funk Railroad along with some original material that David had written. Titles for some of the originals were ‘Capitalistic Pig Band’, ‘We’re Dyin”, and ‘I Need You’. They had a hard rock feel to them and fit in with the type of music the band was covering.
   Don was getting most of the gigs for Styx as he had in the previous band. Most of their engagements were in the local area along with jobs in the Fort Dodge and Ames area. While there were no stand out gigs, at one point the band tried including their wives in performing some of the songs. Doing an occasional background vocal helped them have a good time while out watching their husbands play and added another variation to the bands sound.
The breakup of Styx came when David decided to leave the group. Although the band’s playing was good it seemed the focus was more on having fun. David wanted to go in a more serious direction and felt he couldn’t within the band as it was structured at the time. Instead of trying to get the other members to see things his way, David felt it was best if he just moved on so the others could feel free to do what they wanted. Also, it was tough getting jobs with the kind of music they were doing at the time which also contributed to the band breaking up.
   It is not known if Mike went on to play in other bands and he’s currently living in Georgia. Don played in a few other groups and is currently living out of the Boone area with his family. David went on to play in other groups also. He currently still lives in Boone and is retired. Dave plays off and on with bands and for his own enjoyment.
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