The Telstars
band photo
Paul Clark: Keyboards, guitar, vocals
Al Harris: Guitar, vocals (replaced Clark)
Jim Havens: Drums
Paul Jackson: Rhythm guitar, vocals
Charlie Severson: Keyboards
Art Stevens: Bass, vocals
Start date for lineup: 1964
Date disbanded: 1966
This lineup of the Tel-Stars, based in Boone, came about as some of the members from the previous lineup left for various reasons. Steve Stock had been drafted as had Larry Kelley. Making a distiction between versions of this group was somewhat difficult. It is possible Paul Jackson, pictured here in the band photo, was in the group a bit before Steve and Larry left the band. Al had sat in with the group on occasion while the original band was together also. The photo here, as you can tell from the member info, is another version of the Telstars which was in high flux during this time.
   Al was playing a white Fender Stratocaster at this time through a cream Fender Bandmaster amp. Jim’s kit consisted of kick, snare, single rack tom, floor tom, hi–hat and shell mounted cymbal. Paul Jackson was playing a Gibson ES 335 through an unknown amp. Charlie had a Farfisa Compact organ and an unknown amp. Art played an inexpensive import bass. His amp is unknown as well.
The Tel-Stars, at this time, may well have been using a PA purchased at Sounds Inc. in Boone. There is a Bogen amp onstage in the picture which was used as a centerpiece in the systems that Sounds sold. Also, from the picture one can see a Gibson amp head similar to Al’s on the floor behind Art. Behind that is Art’s amp which appears to be a Silvertone style amp which could well be what Art was playing through. The amp behind Paul Jackson resembles a Silvertone style amp too. The speaker cabinets behind Charlie may well be used for his keyboard and it appears that the little amp right in front of the speaker stack may be what he was using for an amp to power the speakers. The microphone between Paul and Art may be an Electro–Voice while Al’s mic looks like a generic ball end dynamic–perhaps a Turner or EV mic. You can click the photo to see a bigger version if you’d like.
The Tel-Stars played the popular music of the day–most likely a continuation of the material the previous lineup did. Where they practiced is not known, although they probably tried to get together at least 2 times a week. While together, the band played the Community Building in Boone along with gigs in Ames and around the local area.
   As to why the band fell apart, there is very little info. It could be that some members just lost interest or personality conflicts arose which was not uncommon. Paul Clark went on to other bands as noted in the previous version. He is currently retired from teaching music at Center Point High in Center Point, Iowa. Al played in at least one other band before concentrating on songwriting. He currently lives in Ames and does interior painting with his wife. Jim continued on in one other area group. He passed away from health problems in the 80s at age 41. Not much is known about Paul Jackson or Charlie unfortunately. Art went on musically, playing in groups again with Larry Kelley who founded the Telstars. Art passed away sometime in the late 80s or early 90s.
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