Start date for lineup: Summer 1974
Last date for lineup: Summer 1974
Rich Beachler: Guitar, vocals
Ron Carlson: Bass, vocals
Tex Dean: Drums
Steve Greenfield: Guitar, vocals
This version of Willow came about due to contractual obligations incurred by the original Willow before their demise. Since the contracts were in Steve’s possession he threw this group of players together to fulfill those obligations. Rich was a friend of Steve’s who was just edging over into serious jazz playing. He would eventually take lessons from Don Archer in Des Moines. Tex was the band instructor at Boone High. Ron had played in a band named County Road with Steve briefly in 1971 and had known him since 1970. He was just out of Camel and was eager to play.
   It is thought that Rich was playing a Gibson SG at this time, although his amp of choice is not remembered. Ron used Steve’s Fender Jazz bass through his Magnatone M7 amp perhaps. The bass was finished in the ubiquitous Fender sunburst. The brand of drums Tex had is not remembered, but it was a fairly common set configuration for the day-kick, snare, 2 rack toms, floor tom and hi hat and cymbals. Steve was playing a Gibson SG finished in cherry through an Aims amplifier. The Aims had 2 12 in. speakers with reverb and tremolo similiar to a Fender Twin.
The band, which got together in the early part of Summer, practiced quite often to get ready for the jobs ahead. All the practices were held at Rich’s house near Ames. Many times they practiced in the afternoon outside since the jobs they were to play were to be outside also.
   The music they worked up was mostly stuff they all liked and not necessarily top 40 tunes of the day. ‘Let It Rain’ & ‘After Midnight’/Eric Clapton, ‘Long Train Running’/Doobie Bros. and some blues tunes were amongst the some of the songs the band did.
   Of the two jobs they played one was for the Adair County fair. The other is thought to have been for DMACC in Boone.
Rich went on to play in other groups and got farther into jazz and away from rock. He held a teaching job with DMACC at one point. Rich lives between Boone and Ames. Ron went on to play in other bands in the area. He lives with his family in Boone. He plays whenever the opportunity presents itself. Tex is still actively playing and is retired from his teaching job at Boone High. Tex still lives in Boone. Use the next band pick to see the other versions of Willow.
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